NEW SPICY!!! Products in our Mexican Hot Shops

We are excited to announce that we have added some new products to our Mexican Hot Shops at both Burrito Loco Štefánikova & Burrito Loco Vítězná.
We are offering some really HOT new sauces for those EXTREME spice lovers out there. We really do mean EXTREME – some of these go up to over 2,000,000 on the Scoville scale!
Try the “Carolina Reaper Puree” – there is nothing like the worlds hottest pepper to wake you up in the morning (or evening for the nocturnal among you.)
Hot-Sauces (1)
You can check out this scale to get an idea how hot these really are.
We also now have “Most Wanted” salsas! This stuff will give anything you cook at home some serious flavor. We even added some mildly spicy jams which add a bit of depth to your morning toast.
Hot-Sauces (2)
 Please come buy and check out the new selection.


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